Artist Profile

The automobile is the most important invention of the last century. It has given us freedom of mobility and has systematically led to every advantage we currently take for granted. Along with its practical purposes, I celebrate the finer points of the automobile that have brought the world together and have inspired our inner child. American horsepower, Italian design, Japanese technology and German perfection to name a few. My artwork is inspired by other  works of art that sometimes go unnoticed yet make the world go round.

While I use a variety of materials and processes in each of my works, my methodology is consistent. I combine everyday objects with a reference to their creation through the use of the automobile. To do this, I consume the object with miniature replica toy cars, trucks, planes, etc., often painted the same color so as to not deter from the original subject. I also happen to be a fan of texture.¬† When the replicas are attached in a manner that can best be described as ‘controlled chaos’, it creates a wonderful veneer that adds to the aesthetic attraction in my work.

Many of my new works explore the paradoxes and contrasts that are currently associated with the automobile. This is represented by contrasts in color and texture as well as composition. They are not complicated works and are not meant to be. You’ll discover the beauty in my work through its simplicities. They are designed to create awareness and to inspire the child in all of us.